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Default CM 5.2.1 Integration with Interactive Intellignce CIC SIP Server

Dear all

i have a problem with one customer in which he has CM 5.2.1 SIP trunk license and wants to integrate this PBX with Interactive intelligence CIC SIP server , i did this through configuring SIP trunk between both systems using documents on Vendor " interactive intelligence " web site :
which advise to do TCP sip signaling anyways after integration is done , only internal call are working in a way that he has his soft console software installed on pc and through it he make internal and external calls from physical AVAYA phone so when he dials internal extension originator phone rings he picks up handset and hears ring back for destination phone ringing , Meanwhile when he dials external numbers calls are not going through originator phone rings and when caller pick up headset line disconnects with error " Forbidden " ( for sure made sure avaya exten. has COR to do external calls ) ......also when calling physical station from outside AVAYA phone only rings his soft console is steady no indication .....i have doubt that integration is done but if so how he can make internal calls successfully....any body has idea what could be problem...also i have traces for all tests done
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