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Default Split registrations

- Note that it will force all the IP phones in that region to be disabled too. Use this command carefully.

CM 5.2 has new addition:

Split registrations occur when resources on one network region are registered to different servers. For example, after an outage activates Local Survivable Processors (LSPs), telephones in a network region register to the main server or Enterprise Survivable Server (ESS), while the LSP registers the gateways. The telephones registered with the main server are isolated from their trunk resources. You can set the media gateway recovery rules to Immediately to handle split registrations. Communication Manager Release 5.2 provides a new option to manage split registrations.

Activate the feature by administering the Force Phones and Gateways to Active LSPs field on the System-Parameters Ip-Options screen. You can force telephones and gateways to register with the main server or the LSP.

Split registrations occurring between a main server and LSPs or between an ESS and LSPs are managed by this feature. This feature does not handle split registration between a main server and an ESS.

- The disable nr-registration [disable network region registration] is executed in a region having media gateways. An LSP becomes active when a media gateway registers itself to it. The main server disables all regions backed up by the LSP.

- The execution of enable nr-registration [enable network region registration] in a region puts a region to auto disable (ad) if the LSP backing the
region is active. All other regions backed up by that LSP are left in auto disabled state.

- The command, enable nr-registration has no effect to enable a region which is
automatically disabled by the split registration feature.

- An ESS allows LSPs to register when the administrator sets Force Phones and Gateways to Active LSPs to y.
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