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Smile IP Phone & DHCP configuration

1) If 46xx series and 9630 phones are working fine, then there should be something in the setup ( of 1616 & 9620 phones) which is causing problem.

2) For testing, replace working 9630 phone to a 9620 phone and check if same works or not. Idea is to use the same setup/settings of 9630 and if this works, settings ( upgrade.txt & setting files) needs to be checked for 9620 phones. Its a good idea to check and compare 9620/1616 option 242 with working phones.

3) Sniffer can also be taken for further analysis. This would help to understand where things are going wrong.

4) Group System Value along with setting files needs to be checked if "Group ID" feature is being used.
The GROUP System Value
You might have different communities of end users all of which have the same model telephone but require different administered settings. For example, you might want to restrict Call Center agents from being able to Log off, which might be an essential capability for 'hot-desking' associates. Or you might want to assign your SIP telephone users to different messaging systems or registration/proxy servers. Examples for the group settings for each of these situations are provided later in this section.
As of Release 2.0, the simplest way to separate groups of users is to associate each of them with a number. You then edit the 46xxsettings file so that each group is assigned the appropriate settings. Use the GROUP system value for this purpose. The GROUP system value cannot be set in the 46xxsettings file. The GROUP System value can only be set on a telephone-by-telephone basis.

Once the GROUP assignments are in place, edit the settings file to allow each telephone of the appropriate group to download its proper settings. Here is an example of the settings file for the Call Center agent:

{specify settings unique to Group 0}
goto END
{specify settings unique to Group 1}
goto END
{specify settings unique to Group 2}
{specify settings common to all Groups}

Suppose user configured 3 groups in settings file. If a station is registering to one extension, first of all, this phone will have default group ID settings. This is because when a phone registers to CLAN for the first time, Communication Manager (CM) does not know which extension this phone is getting registered. Before you enter the extension, settings file will be loaded. In order to get this Group ID in effect, phone should be reset once more.

And also if a station is changing the extension to another extension which is having different Group ID, then the Phone will be in the old group ID (first time). Again phone needs to reset once more to get the new Group ID in effect.

Hope this helps....
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