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Default 1616-i handset failing to register after network failure.

My customer has a mixed environment of IP handsets 1616-I (h323) and 9611G (h323), on the same VLAN.

Comm Mgr V6.3.1, duplicated servers with media gateways. No IPSIs or CLANs.
H.323 handsets
1616-I firmware 1.312 (latest)

In normal service the phones work as expected, I can unplug a phone and plug it back in again and the phone will boot, download settings and register as normal.

There have recently been some issues with the LAN which has caused the phones to loose layer 3 connectivity to the core CM (handset power still retained). In this situation the phone loses registration (as expected) the 1616-I phones then display a message alternating between "no filesv" and "no callsv" with the phone restarting every few minutes and coming back to the same message. Once the LAN is restored the 9611G phones happily reconnect and register automatically. However the 1616-I phones are now stuck in this state and the only way to fix the issue is to go through the craft clear process to clear all the values, which allows it to boot and register. This means going to every phone to clear them and then logging the phone back in again,

I can replicate the problem by removing the voice VLAN from the network LAN port. After the VLAN is added back the phone still can't recover without manual intervention.

Can anyone suggest anything to try that will avoid manually resetting the phones every time or whether this is a known issue with 1616-I handsets?

Upgrading to 96xx phones is not an option and obviously the network team need to stop the issue with the LAN, but the phones should be able to recover from this type of problem.



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