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Default Can't obtain correct value for ANI in AVP using cti connector

Hi all,

We have a problem using cti connector in dialog designer application with VoicePortal 5.1. The application only writes to trace.log the value of :
session dnis
session ani
cticallinfo: ani
cticallinfo dnis

Whole example of the call:
customer call to ddi, and is routed to VDN and then to agent.
Agent makes a consultation call to another second VDN and finish the transfer.

If no agents answer in the second VDN , call is routed to Voice Portal VDN, and then to Voice Portal Application.

I recieve "cticallinfo: ani" like this: "T2501#1" instead of real customer ANI. I guess this is the Dynamic Device ID, but i don't know why it is populating this, instead of real customer ANI.
¿What is happening?, ¿Does anybody know how to fix this behaviour?
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