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Default Call Of Duty

Hi all,

Current solution:
On ACM CC Elite there is:
a) VDN 1111 - emergancy number for internal people to dial in case they need to reach somebody from Team A after business hours. Each member of a Team A has own mobile. Calling VDN 1111 will trigger redirection to Variable XX (described below)
b) VDN 2222 - number for Team A, over which they setup redirection. Team A member calls VDN 2222 from mobile, there is a authentication mechanism (VRT for mobiles + PIN), mobile number is stored in Variables XX.

Now: Called party (which is Team A mobile) presents VDN 1111 number (of course in national dial plan format country code + line digits).

Trunks used - ISDN/E1

Question 1:
Is it possible to pass somehow Calling party number to mobile?

Question 2:
Would it be possible to monitor VDN 1111 using AES with/without 3rd party CTI to get Calling Party and send it over email?
Any freeware solution possible?

Question 3:
I am not sure but off-pbx could help. Normally it is used for stations, but in this case we have VDN. I have other solution in mind but first would like to know if off-pbx could solve issue with original Calling Party presentation.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification.

Thanks in adwance,
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