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Default Custom SIP header public SIP trunk

Hi all,

For CDR purposes we want to add a custom SIP header to every SIP INVITE. Our Trunk provider is accepting this extra Header and will show it within the billing portal.

Searching for an awnser I find that this is possible within the AURA, see threat underneath:

P‐Intrinsics SIP Header: If your call‐associated information does not fit in the SIP UUI header information, you can use P‐Intrinsics header information to pass the information between SIP‐enabled applications. P‐Intrinsicsinformation is contained in an Avaya custom SIP Private Header (P‐Header).

For further information on how to use/create this SIP-Header, please check the example applications on DevConnect.
E.g. Front-end Avaya AuraŽ Experience Portal and SIP-enabled Avaya AuraŽ Contact Center

Will this be also possible within the IP Office? Or do we need to put an SBC in front? We are running Avaya IP Office R10.1. I tried to change the SIP URI with a addition text string after placing a semicollon, but that is not creating a new header within the invite.

Hope to hear from you guys!

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