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Default EC500 problem-January 7, 2019

An xmobile station is created and added to off-pbx-telephone station-mapping for an analog extension, the security codes match, etc. With EC500 enabled and calling the extension, the extension rings and the cell phone rings but when the cell phone is answered the call immediately disconnects on the cell phone but the extension continues to ring. I've also tried this with another cell phone number entered on the xmobile station sheet with the same result, the cell phone disconnects when answered but the extension continues to ring. It's not happening across our network as tested from a separate set up. A trace did not show anything that I'm aware of, the call seizes the trunk and member. It must be a setting I'm overlooking. Any ideas from the group? Thank you in advance! *Could this be related to Cellular Voice Mail Avoidance feature? It's not happening to any other EC500 set up within our system of over several hundred*

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