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Default some ideas

some ideas:

- One of methods would be to use syslog. CM can send the messages to an external syslog server. Then scripts can be written to extract and track that. or a special program can be written to capture the data and store them in a little database. The difficulty with this method is that there is no way to get the report now. One would need to capture data for a month or so. another disadvantage is that a syslog message might not be generated if a phone is logged in and never logs off during that period of time (or never reboots, un-registers, etc....)

- List registered command on CM/SAT can be pulled from CM twice a day for few months and compare it against list station output. This would probably be the easiest. ASA (site admin) had the reports: “list registered-ip-stations” and “list station”. Of course, this will give results only for ip stations. not for digital, analog and perhaps OPTIM

- If there is an AES server, then it can also be done using CTI applications behind AES (nice recording for example does this normally). the 3rd party application could ask CM for a list of status, query their status and etc.. neverthless, an application would need to be written.

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