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Default X-Mobile using EC500 v5.2.1 vs. 6.0

I am having an issue getting an X-mobile station to give a call waiting indication when it is associated with a multi-line telephone such as a 6424D+M or 9640G telephone.

The scenario is this:

I have a multi-line telephone 6424D+M programmed with three call appearances for DID extension number 5268. The X-mobile 3725 phone is programmed as a non-DID extension (2097). In the off-pbx-telephone station mapping, extension 5268 is mapped to extension 2097 with the proper trunk, config set, call limit, mapping mode, calls allowed and bridged calls. If I call 5268 the X-mobile DECT phone extension 2097 rings and I can pick up the call.

Subsequent calls to 5268 only ring on the next call appearance on 5268, they do not provide a signal to the X-mobile DECT phone extension 2097 to provide a call-waiting indication so the call can be answered on the X-mobile DECT phone extension 2097. (It is noted that calling extension 2097 while 2097 is already engaged in a call, the X-mobile DECT phone extension 2097does provide a call-waiting indication.)

We currently are using CM v5.2.1, is anyone using the DECT 3725 handsets with CM v6.0?

If so, does the issue of call waiting we are experiencing with CM v5.2.1 disappear with CM v6.0?

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