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Default WLAN8180 WMS problems

I've managed to figure out the basics and can get an AP to show up...but it's a little hard to roll this out when within WMS there are inconsistencies in how an AP displays.

Under mobility domains, WAPS, the AP shows as associated with one AP profile...go down to config, mobility domains, my domain, devices, APs...shows associated with a different AP profile. I'm not confusing my AP's because I only have one associated. I've pushed the policy, I've synced, I've danced. This behavior is consistent. It would be ok if the profile actually on the AP was the one I wanted, but it's wrong and no matter what I do I can't change it. Running 1.2 on the controller and WMS. I have a customer that is expecting this within a couple of weeks. I have no room left on my 2360's. Anyone else see this behavior and have luck fixing it? Please help.
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