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Answer #1 is exactly what I needed for a quick and dirty solution. I think the best solution would be to drill a hole in the casing of the phone and install a small audio jack like the size used with cell phones. Solder wires to the internal speaker and run them only a couple inches within the phone set itself. Then run a simple generic detachable audio cable to the horn about 10-12' farther up the wall. 120v is nearby on the wall for a cheapo transformer.

Thanks for the heads up about no more speakerphone use with the phone I pick. There are a couple out in the warehouse to choose from.

Answer 2 appears to be the perfect solution that would integrate with the phone system. I will have to go to the main office and poke around in the computer room to see what we even have. The whole system was installed years ago when the building was built and no one has any clue what might be in that room. I might get lucky and even find an UTI back there unused or even turned off. The spent tens of thousands of dollars installing all that stuff years ago. It would seem as though a warehouse system that big would have had some provision for a horn originally.