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Default AURA SMGR, SM and CM 6.X

I have a fresh install of SMGR, SM 6.1 and CM 6.0. Has anyone installed these versions and successfully connected a few 9600 SIP phones? If so, can you post the basics on setting it all up? I have everything installed and tested. SM virtual security-module pings and shows up and registered, etc... I have SIP Trunks between CM and SM and CM is also setup as an Element under Inventory.

What I don't know, is:
  • Should SM be added under Inventory / Elements? If so, should I add the Management Interface or Security Module IP Address? Also, what do I add for the Access Point?
  • If I am not able to use DNS, can I still get everything working? Do I use the DNS Override?
  • Also, I have both SMGR and SM at 6.1 Service Pack 1. I noticed that no mater what I do, I can't get the SIP Tracer to show any messages. ...I was able to in version 6.1 Service Pack 0.
ANY help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
Gary Rogerson
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