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Default Communication manager messaging Auto attendant issues

We have an s8800 with CM Messaging with an auto attendant that has just the main incoming number and then you press option 6 off the main menu to reach the covered extensions. I have started here after the fact and have been asked to add a new extension that can be reached off that option 6. I've copied off one of the few extensions that can be reached off of that option 6 (If you know your extension...) and did a stare and compare and cannot find any reason why it cannot be reached. I added it as a subscriber in the CM messaging, I've added it to the Allowed number list and still when you dial it you get the 2nd "Please enter your extension" which is what you get if it doesn't recognize the number. I'm at a loss...I've checked COR/COS/Subscriber lists, vectors, I find nothing prohibiting any extensions from being reached off of this yet only about 15 extensions can be reached out of about 100 in the switch. I'm stumped and I'm sure it is a simple fix since there are working extensions but I have no expereince with CM Messenger. Please help?
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