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Default WannaCry Patch for Windows Server 2003 SP1

Hi everyone,
Would like to know if this patch WindowsServer2003-KB4012598-x86-custom-ENU is also applicable to CallPilot running under Windows Server 2003 SP1? As far as the system requirement is concern, the requirement from Microsoft download page is Windows 2003 SP2.
Has anyone already tried to apply it to CallPilot on Windows 2003 SP1?
Thanks in advance!

Originally Posted by charlesc View Post
The hotfix for Windows 2003 (download from Microsoft web site): WindowsServer2003-KB4012598-x86-custom-ENU

To install the hotfix on a standalone CallPilot the hotfix can be installed without issue from the D:\temp folder.
-As always have your normal maintenance window actions complete
-Full backup
-Split RAID

To install the hotfix on a CallPilot HA you must install it on the Offline side of the HA pair.
-Stop Monitoring from the EMC AutoStart Console Split RAID on both servers.
Then you can bring the resource group back online.
-Install patch onto CallPilot 2 (CP2 being the Offline side) and reboot system.
-After reboot, fail over from CallPilot 1 to CallPilot 2 (If Telephony and AOS fail to start, manually start them from the EMC console or from the services management panel) Install Hotfix on CallPilot 1, reboot.
-Resync RAID
-Start Monitoring (if you prefer you can relocate resources back to CallPilot 1)

It is advised to have the latest hotfixes installed from CPSECPEP018S and if not a 202i or a 1006r then CPSECPEPSP2S installed as well.
These can be downloaded from the Avaya ESPL (these also should be installed on the offline side of a CallPilot HA pair).

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