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Default Issue with External Ringdown on IPO IP500V2

Hi there,

I have an Avaya IP Office IP500V2 with DS 1-6 700504556 expansion boards, and a few IP phone extensions as well as analog lines coming into my phone system.

We have an issue when we use an external ring down device ( on an older Avaya Partner system we do not have this issue, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

We have an external courtesy phone that is connected to one side of the ringdown, the other end is plugged into an analog port of our phone system.

When the remote user on the courtesy phone calls into our Avaya IP Office system system our line rings as expected and we're able to pick up the phone line on a local headset and it works as expected -- both remote caller and local caller are able to speak with one another.

When we pick up the line locally on our Avaya phone, the remote user on the courtesy phone hears the ring (generated from our external Viking ring down) and picks up and we can hear the remote user speaking, however he cannot hear us speaking on our IP system back to him.

Wondering if there is a setting in IP Office manager that is possibly wrong.

I apologize that I have limited knowledge about the system and greatly appreciate the insight anyone might have.
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