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Default SMGR High Availability on VMware

Thank you for the two responses to date. There have been over 800 views of this post on two Avaya Support Forums and we kindly request that more viewers take a moment to respond.

A couple of comments on the two responses.

As you mentioned (rparro), many System Manager customers are moving to a VMware based environment. For System Manager we are seeing approximately a 50-50 split between System Manager on System Platform and System Manager on VMware. System Manager running in the VMware Virtualization Environment can use VMware High Availability. For application level High Availability, System Manager has Geographic Redundancy (SMGR-GR) which was introduced n SMGR 6.3.0 (Dec 2012 GA). SMGR-GR is available in both VMware and System Platform based environments.

As for the slow SMGR response, I'd like to suggest running the latest version of SMGR which is 6.3.8 (June 2, 2014 GA). If there are issues, we should have a ticket open with service and we can have the issue reviewed by our design support team.
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