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Default Web Self admin - "View Only"

Checked in two different Server Edition 11.0 Feature Pack 4 Service Pack 1.
Tested with both Chrome and Firefox. These are my findings so far:

Web Self Admin seem to be "view only" even if the user has Write access.
  • Profile: No changes has any effect.
  • Call handling: No changes has any effect.
  • Button programming: changes has no effect.
  • Personal Directory: Add/Edit/Delete has no effect.

When saving changes, You get the User saved Successfully message. But the system is not updated.

Web Manager User Forwarding page is sometimes accessible.
I haven't found out why or when I can access on Forwarding page on some users.

Checking on a phone or loading conf in manager still shows the old values.
It worked in 10.1. SP6.
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