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Default IP Dect R4 Site Survey Kit - Softwares required

Hello Dears

I have received this week a brand new IP Dect R4 Site Survey kit (SST2) but unfortunately the documentation is so poor, no procedure about how to bring this kit in service. It does not work out of box. As per our understanding we should load a special software on the IPBS that allows to perform site surveys without any PBX and license system and the ability to register up to 8 handsets. No CD, no URL link are provided with this high cost kit to get the softwares. We even don't know the name of the softwares required to operate the kit. It looks like it is an Ascom relabeled product. Unacceptable at this price . So if any of you has been able to bring this kit in service I will be very graceful to get some support. I absolutly need it to operate on Sept 19th at latest.

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