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Hi Scott,

This is what I understand as your situation and requirement.

You wish to call up someone who is out of your country, so, for you to call up from your phone(homephone/cellphone), you will have to pay International call-rates.

However, you have an Avaya switch with International trunk line. So, you wish to use this trunk to dial out. And, for doing so, you want to use your cellphone which is an EC500 number to one of internal extensions on the Avaya PBX... And hence, you want to use your EC500 mapped cellphone and via some FAC-code, you wish to make your outbound call using the PBX.

This is my understanding.

As far as my understanding and experience with EC500 goes, this is not possible. EC500 feature is used to send the call from PBX to cellphone. This communication is possible only 1-way.

However, we have another CM feature with which your request could be realised(provided my understanding to the issue is 100% correct).

This feature is called REMOTE ACCESS. This feature enables an user to get access to his PBX station from outside world. Once having the access, you can use your homephone to make all the needed calls. You can further do a read-up on it at the URL:
Kindly browse to the Page # 1261, here, the feature is explained in the nutshell.

Should you need any further assistance on this, you are requested to open a Maestro Case.

Rudra Kant
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