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Originally Posted by zakabog View Post
What exactly is your end goal? If you want the laptop to not receive ping replies then you'll need to drop untagged frames. The switch isn't untagging your traffic, your laptop is never tagging the traffic to begin with.
That's not the point.
I want the box to work in a predictable way in consistence with the settings configured.
What I observe here is an inconsistent behavior - the tag is removed even if the box is configured not to do so, and changing the setting makes no effect.
If that AutoPVID is the default behavior - Id like to have it documented in the first place, and it would be nice to know the mechanism. How exactly does the switch decide which traffic goes where? First packet on the port? First ARP? First broadcast? First with this particular source MAC?

For example, there are plenty networks out there with a router having several subinterfaces tagged and untagged on the same physical port with a single source MAC address. I can't predict the VSPs behavior if such a port is connected.

Before I understand all that I can't put the box in production because the real life scenarios are well beyond a simple laptop connectivity described here