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Default Collective Hunt Group and then Forward to Voice-Mail User?

Is this possible? The idea is very simply in theory, but I seem to have a problem getting it to work.

So I have a group, we'll call it 'Group A'. When customers/clients call, it's set to collective call waiting, meaning that all members phones of that group ring simultaneously until someone picks up.

What I want to set up is this, if no one picks up, or if no one is available, or they call during a time of day when no one is in the office (E.G., 2 AM), I want it to transfer the call to a user called 'VoiceMail User'.

Additionally, this user is set to DND so that it goes to voice mail right away. We had one of our employees record a personal greeting, but for some reason, when testing, we cannot hear the greeting; instead, we keep getting "There is no one available to take your call at the moment, so please leave your message after the tone" *beep*

Basically, we want a phantom-user to pick up and go to voice mail right away in the above scenarios. Here is what we currently have set up.

In Group A:

Ring mode is set to "collective call waiting"
Overflow mode set to "call"

Note: I created a VoiceMail User group and then placed the voice mail user inside of that; didn't work.

The voice mail user is in the member listing as the last user. I tried setting the ring mode to sequential, but that didn't do anything. For some reason, the huntgroup is either not trasnferring to the voicemail user, or the personal greeting is not being loaded for some odd reason.

I'm kind of stumped at this point and would appreciate any advice anyone is willing to give. I just need to transfer an incoming call from a huntgroup to a voice mail user and for the proper personal greeting to load. Thanks!
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