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Exclamation Avaya IP Office - Enable International dialing for a few extensions/users


I am not a phone guy by any means. We moved from Cisco to Avaya during the summer of 2019. We hired a team to make the move for us and since then we have been dealing with little issues here and there for months; to the point that now when I ask them a question they would start to charge us.

To the point. In our environment we need, out of hundreds of extensions divided by campuses each with its own user rights and shortcodes depending on where the extension is, only 3 phones that can dial internationally by dialing. We dial 8 to dial out and then I want them to dial 011 to enter the number

Lets say this campus that i need has multiple user rights, MATH LD 179, MATH Local 179, MATH LD 139, MATH Local 139 (seems like I am missing MATH INTL 179). Each extension, or user, falls into its corresponding container.

Inside ARS in the 500 V2 we have multiple entries. For this campus There is one called MATH with its ID being 75. This MATH entry has the following table:

Code | Telephone Number | Feature | Line Group ID

0N | NSi"Mainnumber" | Barred | 5

1817N | 1817NSi"Mainnumber" | Dial | 5

911 | 911Si"Mainnumber" | Dial Emergency | 5

XXXXXXX | NSi"Mainnumber"   | Dial | 5

XXXXXXXXXX | nsI NSi"Mainnumber" | Dial | 5

1800N | 1800N | Dial | 5

188N | 1888N | Dial | 5

1877N | 1877N | Dial | 5

Inside the Short Code tab, for MATH, I see that there are matching codes for the ID for this campus such as **751817XXXXXXX | 1817N | dial , **75911 | 911 | dial...etc

I am thinking I need to :
  1. Create an ARS group called MATH INTL with whatever ID it gives me, let's say it gives me 80, copy all the codes from the group ID 75 into group ID 80
  2. Then add 011N | NSi"Mainumber" | Dial | dial line group 5. Then, in the Short Code tab, create the short code **75011N# | 011N | Dial | 75 (being its group ID). (I am adding the # so its adds an extra step to dial internationally. Correct me if I am wrong)
  3. Then create a User Right group called MATH INTL 179 with the codes from the other one but adding 011N | **75011N# | Dial | Whatever line group the other one has.

Please Correct me If I am wrong. Again I am by no means a phone guy, just happened to take over the job and have a programmer that isn't willing to help me without charging (even though this was in his scope) and learning as I go.
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