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Default SIP phones no audio path

Hi all,
We have stranges calls without audio on sip phones, my client has phones on same ip subnet (SIP, H323). When they call from SIP (J129) there are no audio path but when they use H323 the call is ok, audio is fine.

The entire call follow this path:

+ SIP Phone -> SM -> CM (with AMS) -> SM -> SBC -> Huawei SBC -> huawei sip phones.
+ H323 Phone -> CM(with AMS) -> SM -> SBC -> huawei SBC -> huawei sip phones.

Everybody is on Net-region 1, with codec G711A for all calls.
The shuffling was disabled for all path:net-region, ip phones, sip signalling. And the AMS is taking the RTP packets as well.
All system is in release 8.0

¿does some one have any suggestion?¿trunk side?¿early media?¿AMS?
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