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Solution Confirmed RESOLVED: Outbound calling issue February 11, 2020

ISSUE: Outbound calling fails from certain demos in ENVxx and LabXXX environments.

REASON: Calls with invalid/spoofed From values are being rejected by a new carrier.

A valid From number must be sent for each outbound call (via Breeze snap-in, ED workflow, AEP/POM, IX desktop, etc..). Calls with spoofed numbers may be blocked as anti-spoofing laws are beginning to be enforced.

A Valid number is one that is owned by the same CPaaS account that serves the SIP lines. Use your inbound DID for this, or any number owned by the common CPaaS account. This applies to all ENVxx and LabXXX environments.

FIX: A rule has been put into place for outbound calls in order to avoid triggering this blocking. This will mean the following:

1) Any outbound call with a proper +E.164 caller ID will get passed unchanged.
2) Any outbound with a bad caller ID will get its CLID changed to +1 929 256 0110 and will still work.

Note: “Proper +E.164” means the number must be “1” or “+1” followed by 10 digits and a number we own (i.e. Managed by the same carrier account that serves the environment). Best practice is to use the lead DID from the lab. Ask @vjheath if you require a larger number pool for use case development.

ACTION NEEDED: Please test your applications and let us know of any outbound calls that get “timeout” or “temporarily unavailable” or other unexplained errors to Calls should work with no changes now that the Fix has been applied. For future projects, you should observe best practice of supplying a valid From number, and retrofit existing applications if you wish to avoid sending a static / stuffed value as the From identity.
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