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Solution Delivered Start Your Diagnostics with these Tests

I like to run the command "list measurements trunk-group summary yesterday-peak" in ASA to see what kind of traffic I have and whether there is any call blocking, Being Insurance in a regulation rich state (RI), I check this daily for the previous day.

Also I noticed the "14:37:57 denial event 1191: Network failure D1=0x922e D2=0x26" line preceeding the outage.

The book tells you
[0x26/0xA6] - Network out of order
The call was not completed because the ISDN network is not functioning correctly, and the condition is likely to last a relatively long period of time. Immediately reattempting the call will probably be unsuccessful.

When a call drops during a call, I first think it's a carrier issue. With all carrier issues the first thing I do is to run the command: "list measurements ds1 log PPCss where PP = PBX number, C = the carrier, and ss = the slot number in that carrier. This will show you any carrier issues. If this is all zeros, the next thing I would do is to test the cabling between your PBX and the Carrier's DEMARK for trunk group 1.

I hope this helps.
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