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Emails should be completed successfully then only it will allow us to delete email queue.
1.Agent should answer all emails exist in queue and we should be able to delete email queue.
2.We can mark these emails as completed from database by running below stored procedure. We need to stop Email Media Store before executing this query.

exec StoreInteractionClosed @ServerInstanceType='2D3B269B-D04D-44BB-A734-83037FD0C4BF',@ServerInstanceId='A66C02AA-1AC0-4C24-9E8B-C179E66A8C5F',@ProgramId='16C2A528-57E3-4BD5-AC17-DFD4B569F907',@InteractionId='F48D2499-D8CB-4A7C-95E7-0E61CE26DDF7',@CompletionStatus=1,@EventFiredDateT ime='2015-06-10 08:31:37.747'

ServerInstanceType, ServerInstanceId are of EmailMediaStore, we can get it from EMC Control Panel->EmailMediaStore. Note down these
ProgramId, we can get it in EmailMediaStore->Queues->Right Click ->Edit on queue which we delete->Email programId. Note down these.
InteractionId's of emails you will get from SQL Database. Login to Database and execute below .
select * from dbo.InteractionStates where programId = 'xxxxxxx' . Paste programid which you got it from EMC Control Panel. now note down all Interactionid's.

With all these data, we need to execute first query and emails will be set as completed successfully and then we can delete email queue.

please test with one of email and if everything works. Go ahead with rest of emails.
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