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Question AEP Latency Issue

Hi, We are having the same issue as in this post, but it was never answered.

Does anyone know anything about what could be causing this?

Below are details.


Session Details

This page displays the details for a session.

Session ID: TCXXXXXXMPP02P-2015048224147-44
Dialog ID: TCXXXXXXMPP02P-2015048224147-44-1
Session Type: VoiceXML
Session Source: Inbound Call
Start Date/Time: Feb 17, 2015 4:41:47 PM CST
Duration: 33 seconds

Call Information:

Number of Calls: 1
Originating Number: sip:8087327227@10.XXXXXX

Destination Numbers: sip:1111@sipXXXXXXX

Server Information:

Application Server: 10.XXXXXXX:8080
ASR Server:
TTS Server: N/A
Slot: 44
MRCP Session ID for ASR:
MRCP Session ID for TTS: N/A

Application Details:

Application Name: RtCS
Start Page Name: http://10.XXXXXXX:8080/FNBO_RT_Router/Start

Customer ID: N/A
Exit Info #1: N/A
Exit Info #2: N/A
Exit Page: Compliance_Milestone
Exit Reason: Application exited.
Preferred Path: Yes
Topic: N/A

Performance Details:

First Prompt Latency: 3960 milliseconds
Number of Utterances: 0
Number of Recognized Utterances: 0
VoiceXML Page Requests: 36
VoiceXML Page CacheHits: 0
Average Prompt Latency: 220
Average Confidence: 0
Number of Latencies < 1 Sec: 2
Number of Latencies Between 1 and < 2 Secs: 0
Number of Latencies Between 2 and < 3 Secs: 0
Number of Latencies Between 3 and < 4 Secs: 0
Number of Latencies >= 4 Secs: 0
Maximum Consecutive Recognition Errors: 0

Highest Page Loading Latency:

URL: http://10.XXXXXXX:8080/FNBO_SQL_SERVICES/setupEnv

Time: 318 milliseconds
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