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So 3 question immerge here: bearing in mind that these scenarios do not occur on the same test pbx at a different location:

Why does the pbx not respond by sending RTP stream on the 183 session in progress?
In call 1 the pbx sends RTP
In call 2 and 3 it does not. Same destination/source as call 1
subquestion: Is it mandatory that the pbx responds to the 183 by sending rtp like in scenario1?

Why does the pbx not respond on the UPDATE SDP messages in scenario 2 and 3?
subquestion: Must the pbx respond to the UPDATE message from the provider before the provider forwards the 200OK respons from the initial invite?
The provider told us they hold back the 200OK response on the initial invite because the pbx did not respond to the UPDATE message. The update message does not contain any additional info compared to the 183 that was already received. The update is actually a converted 'ringing' which the provider converts for some reason.
Why does the provider respond differently on scenario 2 and 3 while the flow is exactly the same?
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