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Default One X-Communicator Issue

I have a user that works remotely (my first go at setting up a remote worker!) and we set him up with One X-Communicator. I have One X on my own work station and have no issue connecting/using it.

My remote user set it up on his home laptop and it initially worked fine. He connects through our VPN and then logs into the One X. The problem is that more recently he is having connection issues where he will receive a message that says "Avaya one-X Communicator is unable to connect to the server. Make sure that you have entered the correct IP address or domain name info. Try to log in again. If you are still unable to log in, there is a problem with your network...."

We haven't changed the IP address or domain name so that isn't the issue. When our user lets me know he can't connect, I am able to log in to my own One X without issue. At the same time, our user is able to remote into a computer at our home location over the VPN and doesn't have an issue.

With my limited network knowledge, I'm not really sure where I should look to trouble-shoot. I've talked with my network guys but they can't find any issues on the VPN side. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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