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Default Phone Discover Issue after reconvergence

Having an issue between a core CM 6.0.1 and LSP 6.3. The remote site uses 9611G h.323 phones. They get the list of registration IP's from DHCP. When there is a WAN outage the site goes into survivable mode with no problem and all the phones register to the local s8300. After a reconvergence the MG recovers normally and the phones do not. They are sitting in a discover state and scrolling through the IP's and never making a registration. It's only after a full phone reboot that they reconnect.

The network team ran a wireshark trace and there are RAS messages saying Gatekeeper request and then reject. This is coming from clan and the PE. No idea what would be causing this, as we have remote sites all over the world. Then a full reboot of the phone registers normally. the capture sees the phone continuously trying the same clan IP address over and over and not moving through the list it should have cached from DHCP. The team put an acl to block this specific clan IP and after about 10-12 minutes the phones then register back to the core via the PE or another clan in the list. Any help would be appreciated.
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