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Default Using J100 Series phones (open SIP) with Asterisk


We have several of the Avaya J100 series IP phones (open sip version).
We have J169, and we have J179 phones.

We have not been able to get the phones to register to an IP PBX (Asterisk).
We have a PBX server waiting for registration for UDP on port 5060.

We are not seeing traffic from the phone arrive to the PBX.
We have other phones on the same LAN working fine to the PBX.

We have tried:
Accessing the WEB UI (https://)
We've put in the correct details under the SIP section.
We then restart the phone, log back in, and SIP details are missing / gone

Just the other day, the phone (on its own) did a software update.
After this update and reboot, the LCD screen of the phone is showing:

Open SIP

This was not on the phone for weeks. The J169 screen was blank.
Now it has Open SIP listed as the background graphic on the LCD.
Also, the phone now prompted for an "enrollment code" before completing its startup.
This had never come up before the auto software update mentioned.

Thanks for any ideas, tips, manuals, etc.
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