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Smile About DNIS that iam seeing on my avaya desktop agent app


I'am an employee working for one telecom corporation in its tech department's 2nd level(call center). Also I'am an computer programmer, mostly doing freelance work sideline my regular job. My question to you regards Avaya, and there is no better place to ask than here :)

Recently I compiled some code to run beside our Avaya agent client. It watches for displayed DNIS number in avaya client during incall state and displays name of the queue the call has been received by my station. Please note, I don't have any info about our Avaya setup (its workgrups, queues, vdn's, vectors, skill/split...). My code relies on empirical evidence, I wrote every unique DNIS value during my incalls, I pressume that DNIS is sent by TS (TS.IncomingCall.event) to my client app.And beside every DNIS I marked queue thru which I think call came to me.

example info on couple of calls I received thru the same queue.
[ani] => 0613350597
[PriDNIS] => 6600
[DNIS] => 82101

[ani] => 0697013503
[PriDNIS] => 6600
[DNIS] => 82102

[ani] => 0612420793
[PriDNIS] => 6600
[DNIS] => 82098

[ani] => 0618820553
[PriDNIS] => 6600
[DNIS] => 82099

Now, my userid in Avaya is tied to only two queues, but during my calls I wrote like 20 different DNIS numbers.

And finally, my question is: why is here so many different DNIS values ? more precisely: when call moves thru an tipical avaya system, on what keypoints can DNIS change value.

Soon, ill contact our avaya engineer and ask him about all this DNIS numbers, so i can make this little app more errorprof, but before that, iam trying to gather some background intel :)

I know there are a lot of information missing here you someone to give an answer...I just need an educated guess, and some pointers to avaya documentation for more reading

If you need any additional info, please ask, maybe I know but didnt wrote...
Thx for any kind of feeback that can shed some light

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