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Default CTI Login Procedures

I am running into an issue I need help with concerning the differences between how agents login to the the phone switch with and without CTI. I am looking for the proper login procedures using a headset. We are running CCE 3.0.

Currently, without CTI, the agents hit the headset button, hear dial tone, hit the login button, input the phone login number then the auto-in button, then the dial tone goes away. With CCE, the agent hits the headset button, hears dial tone, then must wait for the dial tone to time out, hear a few seconds of SIT tone, then the line clears then CCE will allow the login. During the time the station is busy, after the headset button press, CCE doesn't allow a login until the line clears. So, what is the proper procedure for logging in with a headset under CCE?

Scott Van Nest
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