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Originally Posted by amouinet View Post
I program an expecting waiting time on IVR but I always get 0 minutes even with 4 queued calls.

Here is what I did:
1)Programe a new tag: EWT_A as user/time
2)New topic variable assigned to the the tag above with initial value 0
3) a- In my IVR with I put in my variable EWT_A_V (local) wand as new value <:EWT_ATSE:>/60
b- In the text to speech element I use the local variable in the text field <:EWT_A_V:> minutes

Any advice?

Thank you.
Try assigning the tag value in the taskflow right before sending to the IVR. This is how I do it when possible because I have had issues with the value in the IVR as well. Note: I have my wait tag set as a number and not a time so I'm not sure this will work in your scenario.
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