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Default No Audio in Avaya One-X 2.5.14

Hi All, I'm hoping someone has run into this before because we suddenly have several users experiencing the same issue. What is happening is there is no audio at all in Avaya One-X. Typically when the agent logs in, you hear the three beeps. That doesn't even happen. We can hear all system sounds, both through the headset and the computer's speakers. I can switch users and login to Avaya and I do have audio. If I rename the user's Windows profile, I again have audio. Problem is, we cannot always blow away the user's profile so I need to find out what is causing this. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, checked to make sure that the Windows audio is ON for the Avaya application, checked within preferences in Avaya etc. I have also run procmon while running Avaya both for this user and one that is working and have been comparing the two logs. I just cannot find where a stuck setting might be in the registry. I have also deleted the Avaya folder from the users appdata\remote but nothing has worked as yet.
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