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Question My answer(s) Depend On Yoiur Current or Planned Equipment

First off my understanding is that transmitting facsimile documents over SIP trunking produces "unpredictable results." So I would install at least 2 POTS lines. You need the one you are considering for the fax service and possiply one to route the call on to the main office. However what I think you are considering may, in fact, have a better solution.

You should really have more POTS lines as backups. Also you have E911 to consider.

Setting the E911 issue aside, I can think of at least two ways to proceed depending on the equipment you currently have or plan to have on site. So let's start with a few questions:
  • How is the branch office physical layer configured?
  • Are you using Digital, IP, or SIP desksets?
  • Do you have a local survivable processor (LSP)?
  • If no LSP, are you considering installing a G450 Gateway, LSP and Analog board? ($$)
  • Do you receive calls from a local trunk or from a data link to the main office.
  • How close are the two buildings? Same state? Same campus? different state?
  • Am I correct that you had a fax machine in the branch office and now want to send inbound transmissions to a fax server in the main office?
  • Is your email handled by an Exchange or Lotus Notes server?
  • Is that server in the main office?
  • Did you initially have a fax machine in the "branch office?"
  • Is there currently a fax number "assigned" to the branch office?
I believe I can give you a leg up once I have these answers.
Thank you,
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