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Solution Delivered More Questions and a Possible Solution

Originally Posted by lwiddo View Post
Hey Bill
Thanks for your reply. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. I am just starting to learn this system in depth to alleviate to costs.
1. Physical layer configured? Not sure however I would say yes
2. We are using IP 9620 phones however we are also working with a Phybridge system
3. Not sure with the LSP, but I don't think so
4. Calls are received on a local trunk
5. Buildings are in the same province however 300KM away from each other
6. Yes you are correct, we want to send this to the fax server at the main office
7. We are on lotus notes
8. Yes the server is at the main office
9. Yes we have a fax machine at the branch office
10. Yes there is a fax number assigned to that fax machine.

Thanks again and appreciate your time.

If you want to make this easy, just set up a Toll-free number that points to your main office fax server. That has the benefit of offering multiple simultanious fax transmissions. If you are set on forwarding from the fax line, I will need to know how telecommunications are set up at the branch office.
  • Why do you want to forward calls? Remember that if yoiu do this, it will only be able to handle one call at a time.
  • Will you be using the local fax machine as a backup to the fax server? I have a way to route calls to the fax machine on to the fax server. It is reversable if the fax server quite. But this requires a POTS line or a ISDN/PRI trunk. That's my reference to physical layer. Perhaps I should have asked what carrier facilities are connected tothe branch office?
  • Do calls go to the main office and reroute to the branch?
  • Or do calls come directly to the branch? If so, it is likely that you have Trunks coming into the branch and a local survivable processor (LSP) there as well.
Are we getting closer to yoiur answer?
Thank you,
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