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Question Are You Giving Up On the Local Fax Machine?

Originally Posted by lwiddo View Post
Yeah I think we are getting there. LOL!!
So we have a POTS line coming into the branch,
the calls come directly into the branch and would like to re-route them to main office (fax server).
So here is my logic, have the line connected to, for aguments sake, port 12 (analogue trunk) on the Combo card, label it with the phone number, then create a new Incoming Call Route with that number, then input a short code to forward to the Fax Server.
Not sure how good my logic is... LOL!!
Let me know your thoughts.
It seems like I have nothing but questions for you I'm trying to do the right thing here. However I still do not have a clear picture of what Avaya equipment you have at the branch. I gather from what you have said that you have only one POTS line and some kind of SIP facility coming into your building. Please confirm or correct my picture.

Do you have a local processor in that office? Or do all calls come into the main office whereupon they are rounted in and out over the sip trunk(s). That's the way two of our branches work. So it's not uncommon.

The reason I ask is that it makes a difference on how I can help you. Without a local Avaya S8300 Media Server, I have no way to do the routing for you. That leaves us with setting up something like an astgerisk server there, Or better yet, working with your carrier for a solution. There are solutions they can offer depending on who they are that could mean a "no muss and no fuss" solution for very little cost.

By the way how are you handling 911 calls? Without this, your firm risks exposure to lawsuits should someone need but not get quick access to "first responders."
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