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Default Dialer callbacks been missed

Has anybody had reports of numbers that have requested a callback not been called back for sometimes 3 days

The Topic is setup with a callback IVR
The Dialer is setup as Preview mode (auto)

I have run tests and found that if a callback is requested it shows in the Dialer against the topic, the next attempt increased by 30 seconds each time, waiting for an agent to be available. As they get updated at different times, it looks like the agent can become available between time times of the 1st and 2nd calls next attempt

Which means the agent is then available for the 2nd call before the 1st call

Has anyone had any instances of this and was there anyway around this

I have read the manuals but not found anything in them that would indicate to this issue

I can only think of advising the end customer to have more agents signed on and someone monitor the Dialer queue and ensure they are all handled each day
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