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Default REST JSON return to Variables

I am working with a weather web service api and want to turn the JSON return into variables to use in my flow. I am working with Andrew on this. Here is my return:

{'responseCode':200,'responsePayload':'{\'coord\': {\'lon\':-81.76,\'lat\':27.98},\'weather\':[{\'id\':801,\'main\':\'Clouds\',\'description\':\' few clouds\',\'icon\':\'02d\'}],\'base\':\'stations\',\'main\':{\'temp\':305.59,\ 'pressure\':1020,\'humidity\':70,\'temp_min\':303. 15,\'temp_max\':308.15},\'visibility\':16093,\'win d\':{\'speed\':3.6,\'deg\':210},\'clouds\':{\'all\ ':20},\'dt\':1467670298,\'sys\':{\'type\':1,\'id\' :639,\'message\':0.0457,\'country\':\'US\',\'sunri se\':1467628564,\'sunset\':1467678436},\'id\':4153 884,\'name\':\'Eagle Lake\',\'cod\':200}','responsePayloadType':'applic ation/json; charset=utf-8'}

How do i turn this into multiple variables or a variable with sub variables for use in my flow.

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