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Thank you thiel2, this is giving me a good insight on how things work now.

I've been very careful to not add just a 0N in the expansion system. I did it with the matched ID in the ARS table. After I did the first steps you asked me to do on the first posts I learned that It the call goes from User > User Rights > down to the 500V2 > Short Codes > ARS entry ID (if there is a match).

It looks like I am able to dial internationally now when I put my extension in the INTL User Group. I added the Si"Mainnumber", just like in the other shortcodes in the 500v2 short code tab, because it seems like that is what gets sent for the caller ID.

I will post a status update later when I get a hold of a user I can use for a test call.

Again, thank you very much....there's been a lot of progress.
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