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Default Jitter - High random numbers

We're having random high jitter from IPO to IPO on daily basis in our IP H323 Trunk Ports (1 to 6 times a day). I'd love to get some input from the master minds here and see what we're missing from this case.

Jitter goes from 500ms to 2,030,830.1ms

High level description
2 Locations connected by a dedicated fiber 200Mbps (QinQ), no packet loss, latency less than 2ms and all data/management traffic can only use up to 70% of the raw bandwidth during the day. Very minimal traffic utilization, around 35%.

IPO 500v1 -
Branch Office
IPO 500v2 -

Settings across both IPOs
H323 VoIP Trunk
- IP Office SCN
- Location: Cloud
- Call initiation Timeout: 4
- Codec: G729a, G711 and G723

- Enable RTCP Mon: Yes
- Scope: RTP
- Initial Keepalives: Enabled
- Timeout: 30

What already being checked
- Patched switches and configuration reviewed (HP ProCurve)
- Verified cabling and ports from and to all devices.
- DSCP end-to-end (EF46 and binary 101110)
- CoS end-to-end (QoS 6)
- Bandwidth and queueing allocation
- Isolated VLAN
- No encryption for visibility and troubleshoot
- Reviewed all Avaya ports (Avaya Port Matrix -
- Packet capturing showed we're not stripping any packet and calls (G711) have no problems.
- No other traffic, appliacation or device running on the voice VLAN.

I would appreciate any thoughs, suggestions or help.
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