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Angry Avaya G430 Gateway is not accessiable outside the subnet its connected to

Dear All,

I have a situation here.

I have recently configured G430 media gateway after doing a nvram init command(even before doing this the gateway was not working properly means nothing changed )

1. When I configure IP address, Subnet mask and gateway to connect it to LAN I am able to ping and connect within the subnet in which its connected
e.g if i connect the gw to 10.120.120.x and use a laptop which has an ip address of 10.120.120.x than it works fine.
2. when I try to access it from any subnet apart from the subnet/ip range which has been used to connect the MG to LAN it does not work : no Ping response, no phone registration means the MG becomes useless.

below is configuration and FW version

HW Vintage : 1
HW Suffix : A
FW Vintage : 31.26.0

interface Vlan 1
ip address 1x.1xx.12.4

ip default-gateway 1x.1xx.12.1

I tried working with network folks but as per them nothing wrong with SW/VLAN configuration as other devices are working fine.

any suggestions/help would be appreciated in this matter.
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