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Default AACC/ACCS Integration with external database via HOSTBLOCK in Orchestration Designer

Here is the description of the situation.

The task to setup exchange between MySQL database and CCMS via Orchestration Designer script (CCHOSTBLOCK icon)

Following the instructions I successfully managed to pass Database Integration Wizard everything worked just fine. When I start test application ( Contact Center
Provider Application) it registers in CCMS successfully and if I make a call to CDN it starts to receive data from OD script.

But there is no IP packet exchange between the CCMS IP and MySQL IP.

OВ script does not show any error message. Just nothing happens OD script does not either sends or receives any data from SQL.

So, when I register sample application to server and make a call, sample application receives data from script. When I make a call, MySQL database does not receive anything.

Any suggestion? If anybody already managed to implement such integration? Any suggestion/idea/prompt is highly appreciated.
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