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Default 1XP and Mac OSX (10.6.x)

I have begun testing 1XP on a windows XP machine with firefox 3.6 and IE8. IE8 works fine. Allows the ActiveX controls to install and away you go. Firefox; doesn't work in all modes as advertised in Readme_GA52_SP2-1 file form latest service pack of 1XP. The support matrix on page 29 says VoIP mode will work on XP sp2 with Firefox 3.0 IE 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and Safari 3.2 and 4.0. IE8 works, but Firefox doesn't. Is it because I am using Firefox 3.6? Do I have to down grade to Firefox 3.0?

What about Mac OSX (10.6, Snow Leopard)? Original 1XP 5.2 was to work with OSX 10.5 and Safari 4.0. When will it work with 10.6.x and Safari 5?

We delayed the !XP deployment because Avaya and Avaya BPs said 1XP would work with OSX in VoIP mode. I would really like 1XP for my MAC folks.
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