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Originally Posted by srike1070 View Post
So regardless of which version of Central Management I've installed I only get an error stating "Central Management Authentication Failed. Verify that login and password is correct." I was able to use Apache Directory Studio to successfully connect to and browse my AD server using the credentials I supplied to CM during the install. I have the agents added in CM (uploaded excel csv doc as per documentation) and created templates and groups. It does not appear that CM is communicating with AD properly. I did the test of adding a web administration user to CM that is in AD and it just gives me the "you are not authorized" message. I added a web admin user that happened to be a local Red Hat user and I was able to log in. Is there some basic step I am missing? I followed the install instructions for System Manager, Presence, and CM from the One X Server install guide. BTW - Presence seems to work fine, just CM is problematic.
I am installing CM server 2.5 and am having similar issues. I am able to authenticate with Apache directory studio but when trying to launch the one-x client using the single sign on or manually entering in AD credentials, it throws the bad password error. I tried to look into some of the troubleshooting guides but they are not too helpful.

It seems to me that the Central management server is not connecting to LDAP correctly. Even when creating a user as a web admin that is a part of active directory, it won't let me in to the web admin page. Which tells me that the LDAP piece is where it is failing.

Any thoughts?

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