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Default OneX desktop client network error

We are using the 6.2 OneX client on our desktops because we are still a H.323 shop. Generally this loads without issue but I am stumped with this one user.
It is a new laptop using Windows10 Enterprise. The OneX client will allow her extension to use the phone to place and receive calls but when we choose This Computer in the Place and receive calls field, she gets an 'unable to connect to the server' error. Will work normally if we use a cpworker's extension/password and choose This Computer option for placing/receiving calls.
When I look at her station programming, she has a line that page 2 that is unusual. Remote Softphone Emergency Calls: as-on-local but we have removed the check mark in the OneX Settings.
Have reinstalled this software about 4 times ...
What is happening here?! I am confused and would appreciate any comments/suggestions.
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