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The ACD Detailed Call Detail Recording (CDR) call release indicator functionality is added in R7.6. This feature allows CDR blocks configured for ACD agents to indicate whether a call was disconnected by the call originator or by the ACD agent. When printed, this indicator displays in the third line of the CDR record as either C (caller) or A (agent).
The ACDD (ACD Detailed) parameter in the Customer Data Block (CDB) configuration for LD15 can have a value of YES (print the call disconnect indicator) or NO (do not print the call disconnect indicator). The default value is NO.
ACD Package 45 (ACDA) must be unrestricted to use this feature.
It has been noted that even with ACDD = NO in LD15, there is still an impact on line 3 of the CDR record an extra two spaces are printed, extending the length from original 51 characters as in R7.5 to 53 characters. This can potentially cause an issue for some CDR applications.
Patch MPLR33093 is now available in ESPL to revert line 3 of the CDR record from 53 characters to the original 51 characters in the case where ACDD = NO in LD15. This removes any possible issues for the CDR applications.
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