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I just set this up for the first time yesterday, it was relatively simple. I'm not sure how you would achieve AD integration / authentication for the autoconfig process, but the simplest way would be to post a config file on an internal web server, and go in to the "Auto-configuration" menu in AC for iPhone/Android and use "Use a web address" button to enter the complete URL to the file. The admin guide states that you can use the same 46xxsettings.txt file that you use for your IP phones, which is likely true, but you need to provide the full URL to the config file. For example: Since I'm using different FNE numbers for different locations, Instead of a filename 46xxsettings.txt, I've created a config file for each location.

There may be more capabilities using the "Use my email address" type configuration, but this requires setting up PTR records in your public DNS server. I don't believe it gives you any additional auto configure information, but at least that way all the user needs to know is their email address.

I'm leary of making these configuration files available publicly too. Technically all someone would need to know is the FNE for idle call appearance and your cell phone number, and they could make as many LD / Intl calls as they want if you don't have LD locked down for that user and using station security codes for EC500.
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